Gary (ghomeypimp) wrote,

So. I am jobless again for the time being. Living with my girlfriend (think I am allowed to call her that now). I've recently tried cutting back on the drugs, TRIED. But it seems to be working. Baby Steps - and Bud Light. Either how, Life was getting boring, so I've taken up Poaching! I've successfully hooked 4 gators, gotten one close to shore, but his death roll broke our line! Soon Though. Very Soon. Currently Self Employed, looking for another job that doesn't involve mopping or irrigation. Applying for Financial Aid from the Federal Gov so that I can become a chemist and manufacture Ecstacy Pills. Muahahaha. I haven't been on a computer for god knows how long, and NO ONE is on AIM. On top of that, it's not my comp, so I can't look at porn! What a depressing night.

Here's my number (you should know the area code)

a + b= x
b - y = a
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