Gary (ghomeypimp) wrote,

To those of you saying to quit:
Potential isn't shit without the right mental, And my mental mainframe aint capable of taken the pain, it's strange to me how everyone can cope with alcohol, but they consider alprazolam dope (cha). So what if there's potentional when I don't have hope (cha), It's like being suicidal without any rope. (to hang yourself with)

Hopes up, hopes down, thrown around, will I hit the ground? I really hope its not just mind games, cause being on xanax is making me lame. We'll see what happens, if it happens at all. It could change my life or make me fall, no pressure, whatever it's aight , I'll roll a blunt, even the most ambigous weed won't get you high.

To My Homeboys:
I aint shit without my homeys, always loanin me money. When I'm lonely we'll cruz the strip an holla at honeys. Smoke weed everyday, but I'm changing, I'm changing way too much lately. Hangin with the dealers, ridin people for the shit, aint been hangin the same ol' clique. Called to say whats up, but I was a lil strung out, if I was sober we prolly woulda hung out. I'm trying to get better, so we'll see what happens, don't except to much, ot you'll ne laughin.
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