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Will there ever be peace?

I just called a Detox 24/7 line and talked to the guy for like 30 minutes, so I'm going to hopefully be able to do this. I know I'll be able to, I just need to not get hooked on it again. It was weird calling a random person and talking about my problems, but it actually helped. Biggie Smalls is a sneavlin piece of shit and I hope he rots in hell. (Off Topic, but Tupac forever). I took a lot of xanax tonight, like $20 so hopefully when they drawl all the blood I won't care. I'm not gonna mention weed problems, for they will try to get me off of it as well.
I've got a part of me saying not to go to rehab, its ridiculous. Its saying that I'm jump right back on xanax. I'm fightin it though. 'Peace, are you out of your fucking mind? Fuck Peace! I can't ever have peace until I clean up this mess I made, until I cleaned up the dirt I dropped. Til Everyone else I owe has peace. And on top of that, I'm gonna end up owing a shitload of money.

There is a wall I wish I could break down, but it's completely different situation (not the drugs). The eyes are to the window to the soul, so I don't give a fuck about apathetic hmms, and mms. I'm gonna go for it, I'll be like David Hassellhoff on the Berlin wall. And once that 'wall' is down, there will be peace. All I need is a sign.
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