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Lord Have Mercry, Father help us all.

So life is full of ups and downs, mostly downs in my cases, but lately it's been up. The last two weeks I've been strung out on Xanax (I thought today's date was the 19th), Coming home tonight Iitried some stupid shit and my transmission didnt respond correctly, and I ended up basically totalling my car. The cops were searching me because I was shaking so much, but I explained to them it was the first time I've been searched. They found nothing. So, My car is fucked, it's been my source of weed and xanax for the last (god knows how long). I drive people around for gas money, and buy xanax...thats over now. NO car. How can I get to work. I owe $115 for a ticket, plus JEA is gonna call me to tell me how much i hae to pay for hitting on of thr giant street lights. I realized walking home that I need to change, a lot. I ended up talking to a homeless guy and he gave me cigarettes, and we talked for a while bfore I came home.
Bottom Line is this : I'm going to go into rehab (in a day or two once I get my insurance fixed). I hope i can stand the rehab, I don't know what I'm going to do about the ticket, JEA, or car insurance bill, but life is not a blessing - it is a test. So I'll figure it out. Hopefully.

AND my laptop doesnt wanna work anymore, and I need some inspiration or something. But Gary is voluntarily going to rehab to get off of the Alprazolam (xanax). ( I aint gonna quit smoking weed though). Wish me luck. Cuz Now I got absolutely nothing except a lil hope that i'll get to see some people before rehab. goodnight, I'm sorry to my real friends for being an addict, it makes me happy, but I'm willing to chnage for the better of everyone (and hoefully to show "some girls") that I am more than apothead addict. We'll see.
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