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Play a game of russian roullette and have a blast

All the words are in my head, but like, I can't get them out. I want xanax, but I don't have money for it, and I'm pretty sure the guy is out of it, so now the itching starts. I was sleeping in my car and shit, then went to Gainesville to try and get off xanax (and have a place to sleep). Lyuba said it was cool if i crashed at her big ass house, so I pawned my Gamecube again, and dipped out. I was nervous the entire way to Gainesville, because I haven't seen Lyuba since before I dropped out, and that was to only to lend her a W.E.B. DuBois book. We talk online a lot though, so it was actually pretty relaxing the entire time. I fell down some stairs, because karma is a bitch, but thats beyond the point. TV seems so boring now, as does weed, I didn't even want xanax until I got back to Jacksonville. Fucking goddamnit. More Cops, More Walking, Less Weed, More Expensive and Less Cigarettes, More crowds of people...but It's better than being in Jacksonville.
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